It tells a love story between a killer called Leon and a little girl called Martinda. Leon, a professional killer, is silent, cool, calm, simple and even cruel at times. He is used to sleeping on the couch instead of the bed so that he can be ready for any unexpected danger and easily escapes from it.  As for Martinda, an isolated, rebellious and stubborn little girl of only 12 years old, shows amazing maturity which is beyond her age as a result of the suffering in her dysfunctional family. Worse still, her father is involved in illegal drug handling for an evil cop called N.S, and the story starts here.

One day, the little girl Martinda encounters her neighbor Leon by accident in the corridor. Leon sympathizes with her and gives her some tissues after she has been beaten again by her irritable father. She offers to purchase some milk for him as a return of his kindness. While Martinda goes shopping, N.S, the crooked cop breaks into her home and brutally kills the rest of her family because her father keeps some drug for himself in the dark. When Martinda returns, she doesn’t know what has happened until she sees the blood and her families’ corpses on the floor. The frightened and helpless little girl desperately rings Leon’s door. Leon opens his door to give the homeless girl a shelter regardless of the danger that his identity of killer might be exposed. Naturally, love starts to grow between the two lonely souls.

This movie makes me rethink the meaning of life. The cool killer, who seems to be fairly cruel, has a soft and simple heart actually. I still remember what Leon says when he is doing his job, “No kids, no women.” He kills people for money but he also holds on to his principles and that's why I show great respect to him. Living a stressful life without love and friends, he teases himself as a "cleaner". "Martinda, nothing is the same after you kill someone. Your life changes forever, you will never cancel it, neither from your memory, nor from your criminal record. You will never sleep again like before," says Leon. I can feel clearly that he is eager for love and a normal life from these words, while he just has no choice but to conceal his feelings and isolate himself from other people. Finally, He tries to stop Martinda from revenging N.S.  and makes up his mind to take a gamble to kill the bad cop for her at the cost of his own life.

Another thing worth discussing is the green plant which appears quite a few times in the movie. Leon loves the plant so much that he does not abandon it even in danger. Personally, it represents his personality in a way. That's to say, there is still light and kindness in the cool killer's heart. Otherwise, he would not have saved Martinda, protected her and eventually died for her. What's more, the plant symbolizes his life in my eyes.  "We are safe here," Martinda sits beside the green plant and speaks out these words calmly. As Leon says in his final moment, "Martinda, you've given me a taste for life, I want to be happy." At the end of the film, Martinda keeps Leon's plant in the soil as a symbol of a new beginning in her life, a life full of hope and light just like the green plant.



这部电影大家一定耳熟能详,《这个杀手不太冷》,虽然与英文名Leon差之甚远,但我以为这才是这部电影的灵魂所在。在电影的前大半部分中,我始终不太确定这部电影的类型,我不知道是否可以将之视为一部爱情片,毕竟男女主角的年龄,经历,身份都是那么的不同,与我们所固有的观念是那样的格格不入,我更情愿相信,Leon对Martinda更多是同情与关爱,而Martinda也不过是对杀手这个职业有一种不成熟的崇拜。直到在最后的生死关头Leon说出了潜藏于心的“I LOVE YOU”,所有的疑惑都有了答案,所有的伏笔都有了解释,一切都变得豁然开朗与顺理成章起来,也许真爱从来都不会囿于年龄的限制,它需要的是两颗心的理解与倾听,彼此的关怀与包容。

整部电影结构紧凑,环环相扣,更因为其人物身份与情节的设定给我一种喘不过气的压抑感,高潮出现在Leon协助Martinda逃跑那一部分,生死关头,二人互诉心意,描绘着突出重围后的远离这个喧嚣之地的生活……故事随着Leon的死戛然而止,而背景音乐《shape of my heart》响起的恰到好处,它让我感觉的Leon其实一直都陪伴在Martinda的身边,以一种更积极的姿态——根植于地的万年青,我想这也正是Martinda所希望看到的Leon,不再漂泊无依,心无所属……



(作者:许金静 水利水电学院2015级)


《这个杀手不太冷》是一部很经典的电影, 由法国著名导演吕克.贝松执导,著名演员让.雷诺和娜塔丽.波特曼主演,上映于1994年,里面很多台词深入人心,被广为传颂。

文章的开头,作者表达了对这部电影的喜爱,曾看过不下三遍,只有真正热爱, 有感而发,才能赋予一篇文章思考和生命力。

一篇好的影评应该马上让读者进入影片的特殊世界。作者在第二段开始介绍主角出场:一个是孤独高冷的职业杀手Leon,一个是叛逆早熟的小女孩Martinda。作者用了几个形容词,较好地把握了两人的性格特点, 并交代了他们的身份背景,比如杀手Leon习惯坐在沙发上睡觉以便遇到危险时能迅速反应,Martinda的毒贩父亲,有缺陷的混乱家庭等主角信息,两人形象跃然纸上。接下来,同样的缺爱与边缘化,在反派警察屠杀小女孩一家后,侥幸活下来的女孩请求Leon收留,两个的孤独的灵魂产生交集。


电影的结尾,漂泊的绿植回归到土壤,找到真正属于自己的地方。结尾段是最重要的部分,作者表达了自己对green plant 的思考,由物到人,以小见大,自然地升华了主题,引人深思,耐人寻味。






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答:This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.
I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.

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